The result of a workplace safety initiative
12 Month Project Nov 08 - Dec 09

Svendborg Brakes A/S (Denmark)

As part of private equity investment, this business needed some care and attention

InterFace were initially tasked with conducting a health, safety and environmental review of the operations in Denmark, Germany and China, then co-ordinated corrective action of the issues identified. Their Interim HSE Manager, also delivered an overall HSE development programme to achieve ISO 18001 accreditation and an improvement in safety culture, utilizing the 5S method.  This involved mentoring an internal resource, who would eventually take over the role.  

5S - A technique used to achieve reduction of safety hazards and improvements to the work environment


The elimination of unnecessary items from the workplace that are not required for current production.

Arranging items so that they are easy to find and put away. Introduction of an effective work area layout.

The elimination of dirt in the work area. Finding ways to address the source of dirt such as oil leaks.

The creation of a consistent approach with which tasks and procedures are consistently carried out.

The definition of a new standard of work place organization until it becomes the way things are done.