Professional safety expertise including consultancy and interim support

About Us

InterFace has a dedicated team of safety professionals that you can call upon for both consultancy and interim support.

Our personnel are based in the UK and across Northern Europe

Using a pragmattic approach,  we have helped clients solve technical safety challenges, short/medium term manpower shortages, delivered effective safety training and developed user friendly safety management systems. 

Our Values


So how are we different?

Desk and do capability
We focus on delivery, providing you with safe ways to make things possible. We will assess your problems thoroughly and work with you to deliver suitable and robust solutions.
Flexible and fast
We deliver a flexible service and are geared to hit the ground running.
We believe you never stop learning and we’re always open to exploring new ideas.
Personal touch
We understand the challenges of your business and we’ll work with you to deliver a solution that meets your individual needs.
Caring & Honest
We treat people as we would like to be treated and are always transparent in our dealings.
We appreciate the importance of personal contact so we make sure that you can get hold of us when you need to.


Meet Tuto...

...he’s our mascot. His name is Latin for ‘Safe hands’ If you’d like your own Tuto just fill in your details below and we’ll put one in the post.

He’ll remind you of us when you need safety support. You can take him home and give him to the kids or keep him by your keyboard to bring a smile to your day when you’re working late and things are not going to plan.

There will come a time, when you’d rather be at home, there’s no one else around and you find yourself talking to him, but that’s ok, you won’t be the first!


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